An unsurpassed level of practice support.
To heighten performance and patient care.

American Dental Partners has developed an exceptional set of key services to help affiliates improve business performance, enhance the patient experience, and establish a foundation for growth. Leveraging our size and economies of scale, ADPI continues to expand and fine tune this portfolio of services and resources to heighten operational accuracy, efficiency and profitability.

Significant non-clinical resources.
Strategically located.

Through our dedicated regional and national resource groups, American Dental Partners effectively separates the complexity of the business from the patient care environment. These resource groups carry out non-clinical functions in dedicated facilities away from the practice. ADPI regional resource groups, located in closer proximity to the affiliates, provide direct support for patient care. Our national resource group spearheads the macro-level functions and national initiatives that truly set us apart.

Keeping abreast of the latest technology:
A distinct edge for our affiliated practices.

The ability to streamline operations and maximize profitability enables American Dental Partners to continually invest in the latest technology. As a result, ADPI is empowered to provide and support the advanced equipment our affiliated practices need to stay on the leading edge.

One of the most significant achievements for our Information Services team was the creation and deployment of our proprietary Improvis® practice management system. This robust and scalable system has continued to evolve with expanded features such as electronic dental records and digital x-rays — and soon, the addition of digital impressions.

Key Services Offered

A partial listing.

Operations / Support Financial / Professional Development
Operations Management       Marketing Accounting & Reporting Payor Relations
Quality Assurance Access to Capital Facilities Planning
Procurement Planning & Investments Business Development
Cash Applications Financial Diversification Marketing
Dental Lab Services Risk Management   Strategies
Organizational  Development Information Technology
Leadership Institute Information Systems
People Development Improvis®
Practice Management System
Recruitment Services
Training / Online University