After 27 years of building a private dental practice, it was getting too large for me to manage and still practice dentistry. I love dentistry, but I felt overwhelmed and burned out. In fact, although retirement was more than 10 years away, all I could think about was retiring. When American Dental Partners (ADPI) contacted me, it seemed like a good exit strategy to merge my practice into 1st Advantage Dental. The negotiations went well. ADPI was organized, straight forward and clear about what my practice was worth and how the transition would occur. Also, the way ADPI works with the local groups of dentists is unique. They encourage communication and professional growth of the dentists. Within one year, I started to feel better about practicing dentistry. In fact, some of my friends asked me what I did, because I was looking great. ADPI had taken away most of the pressures of owning a dental practice. Also, there is great camaraderie in the dental group. Today, I am enjoying going to work! Also, I have become involved with the clinical management of our local dental group. The people are great and it is an excellent environment for learning. If someone asked if I would do it again my answer would be: I wish I had joined ADPI sooner.

Virginia Plaisted, D.D.S.
1st Advantage Dental