A team of dedicated development professionals:
Empowering our culture of continuous learning.

Leadership isn’t something we only value at the national level. At American Dental Partners, it’s a significant trait we strive to develop at the regional and practice levels as well.

Our people development professionals provide the structure and motivation to help team members and doctors across the organization develop the skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors needed to deliver efficient and consistent business results, while maximizing patient satisfaction.

As a result, team members and doctors throughout the ADPI network of affiliated dental group practices benefit from a personal growth opportunity that is unique in the dental industry. This enables us to attract and retain talented professionals throughout the network, while building alignment with our Healthy Organization culture.

Leadership Institute:
Inspiring the individual through intense self-discovery.

Our four-year Leadership Institute Development Program is a vital force for creating inspiring work environments through individual empowerment. A cornerstone of the unique development offerings at American Dental Partners, this program provides the comprehensive knowledge and tools for dentists, practice leaders and resource group leaders to grow and heighten their professional capabilities.

The Leadership Institute brings leaders together from all areas of ADPI and its affiliated dental groups to focus on enhancing leadership effectiveness — while developing the necessary skills to build a healthy, enduring organization. This collaborative self-awareness journey is an invaluable forum for discussing and finding solutions for real-world issues, through peer-to-peer learning and the sharing of best practices.

As a result, Leadership Institute participants learn how to create inspiring and motivating work environments that further the ongoing pursuit of high quality standards and accreditation focused achievements at ADPI.

Best Practices Conference:
Our annual summit for leaders throughout ADPI.

At American Dental Partners, the apex of peer-to-peer discovery takes place at our yearly Best Practices meeting. This meeting of the minds is an exceptional opportunity to share best practices and progressive ideas related to key business and industry topics. At this signature annual event, we also recognize professionals at all levels of the ADPI network who are truly exhibiting our Core Values, building Healthy Organizations, achieving a high level of overall excellence, and who are eliciting recommendations by their peers.

Training / Online University:
Essential skills development in group and self-paced settings.

The wealth of professional development resources at American Dental Partners includes a wide selection of group training programs. Available to professionals at all levels of the organization, these training programs address numerous subject areas such as:

Patient Service Skills Financial Management Clinical Development
Industry Compliance Improvis® Skills Leadership Development

In addition, our Online University is a flexible and effective learning environment that provides self-paced lessons targeted to specific roles within the organization.