On February 9, 2012, JLL Partners, Inc. completed its acquisition of American Dental Partners, Inc. American Dental Partners is now privately held and no longer listed on NASDAQ.

The deal creates a partnership committed to American Dental Partners’ core values and goals as well as a dedication to quality care and a long-term outlook. Both organizations will pursue a shared vision and work to enhance growth of American Dental Partners.

American Dental Partners will continue to be headquartered in Wakefield, Mass., and is one of the nation’s leading business partners to dental group practices. American Dental Partners is affiliated with more than two dozen dental group practices in more than twenty states across the country.

JLL Partners is a New York-based, leading private equity investment firm. Their investment philosophy is to partner with outstanding management teams and invest with them in companies that can continue to grow into market leaders. JLL Partners has a special focus on healthcare services in addition to financial and business services. More information on JLL Partners is available at www.jllpartners.com.