The resources and expertise to create
a healthy and enduring organization.

As our name suggests, our purpose is to be a value-added business partner for our affiliated dental group practices. We are not legal partners in the true business sense. Rather, American Dental Partners fulfills the role of a valued guide, collaborator and resource provider for the strategic and business aspects of the practice.

Effectively separating the care from the complexity.

In our affiliation arrangement, American Dental Partners is responsible for administering all non-clinical activities. This is similar to the way a hospital takes responsibility for the staff, facilities and management support in its care continuum and environment. The affiliated doctors then enjoy privileges that enable them to focus solely on treating patients and providing the highest level of care.

The efficiency and expertise to make the business better.

When you affiliate with American Dental Partners, we own the equipment and the brand name, but not the clinical practice itself. Our value-add is in the way we provide a set of finely-tuned business services.

We also do this in a non-hierarchical way. As opposed to a corporate top-down structure, ADPI serves its affiliates with knowledgeable and experienced team members at the practice level — and through our national and regional resource groups. These resource groups have no involvement in clinical activities or patient treatment. They exist solely to support our affiliates as they focus their attention on the delivery of exceptional patient care and service.

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Stressing accreditation as a distinct point-of-difference.

A cornerstone of our commitment to quality care and service is how we require each affiliated group to pursue accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). At American Dental Partners, we consider this to be an invaluable professional development tool.

An independent non-profit organization, the AAAHC’s challenging accreditation process measures service against nationally recognized standards in areas such as quality assurance, clinical records, environmental safety, governance, administration, and professional development. ADPI affiliates who’ve achieved accreditation, a process that must be revisited every three years.



Key Attributes for Leading Practices

  • Common identity and clinical philosophy
  • Professional recruiting and mentoring programs
  • Formalized peer review and quality assurance initiatives
  • Functional and well-maintained dental facilities
  • Advanced information systems
  • Local management with well-defined responsibilities and accountability