Elevating the practice and delivery of dental care.
For 20 years and counting.

When we founded American Dental Partners (ADPI) in 1995, the dental profession was fragmented, decentralized and not positioned for the future. Over 80% of dentists practiced alone, struggling with balancing the day-to-day demands of running a practice. The overall demographic was male-dominated and rapidly aging.

Our ADPI vision was two-fold. First, we saw the industry’s need to move toward a more synergistic and streamlined group practice model. Second, we knew the practice methodologies of dentistry needed to evolve — in order to attract more vibrant, diverse and lifestyle-conscious people to the profession.

Today, American Dental Partners is an integral partner for more than 20 forward-thinking affiliated dental groups across the nation. On a daily basis, we provide business services for these multidisciplinary dental groups. While keeping a finger on the pulse of the profession as needs and opportunities continue to evolve.