Empowering you to provide exceptional care.
Preserving your unique qualities and identity.

Today’s dentists face a common dilemma. They want to develop a vibrant and profitable practice. They realize how complex this is. They know how the business side can take them away from patient care. And the last thing they want is to become a faceless cog in a corporate dentistry machine.

With American Dental Partners, our affiliated dental groups maintain complete autonomy over their patient care philosophy and day-to-day clinical operations. This is markedly different from our competitors, where micro-management and a purely by-the-numbers approach are often the driving factors.

With us, your group practice also maintains its brand identity. An affiliation with American Dental Partners is totally transparent to patients. Behind the scenes, we quietly provide the level of leading-edge business services you need to develop a loyal and satisfied patient base. Including high-level programs to foster people development, leadership and best practices.

Leading-edge practice environments for quality care.

For each affiliated practice, American Dental Partners provides a wealth of distinct physical and professional advantages to ensure high standards of quality. In addition to providing a strong emphasis on accreditation, ADPI institutes empowering elements such as advanced technology and quality building/office improvements. The result is a progressive, leading-edge practice environment that elevates daily operations, while making a positive and lasting impression on today’s quality-conscious patients.

Healthy organizations that are built to last.

Profit should never be the purpose of a business. This is true for ADPI. We view profit as a basic necessity for survival, and also as a catalyst that helps to build leading-edge multispecialty dental group practices. For us, profit is simply a means to the end — which is building a healthy organization.

This focus on succession and legacy takes shape as a continual effort to reinvest in the practice, its people and in the growth of the business. The goal is to create a healthy and enduring organization that will serve your unique community and patient population for generations to come.