Forming a clear, collective vision.
Through core values and strategic goals.

To build a healthy and enduring organization, it takes a group of passionate professionals who are committed to exceptional patient care and service. At American Dental Partners, this common purpose is further empowered by a set of time-tested core values and strategic goals.

The result is a culture that provides an aligned long-term view for the success of the business — and the inspiring environment needed to bring this vision to fruition.

Our Core Values

Ethical Conduct Conduct business in an honest, fair manner and with the utmost integrity.
Relationships Matter Treat all people with respect.
Socially Responsible Act in a responsible manner with total regard for our families, communities and environment.
Fiscally Responsible Act in a financially prudent manner for the benefit of our affiliates, team members and shareholders, as well as the patients of our affiliated dental groups.
Excellence A commitment to achieving the best results in all that we do.